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strawberry / morango

(horrible, horrible photo!)

I did a quick seach for strawberries patterns before posting mine here. I thought i would find dozens,but i didn't... so i guess it's ok to post one more ;)
The links to the ones i 've found are below , plus a link for super yummy strawberries to sew.

* Please note that i am using yarns of 2 different weights in this pattern, and i am in Brasil so i cannot help you with yarn suggestions. If you don't have the yarn required for the leaves, you could try this :
ch 2, *slip stitch on second chain from hook, ch3, dc, ch2, slip stitch" 5 times, leave yarn to sew to the strawberry and use it to make a loop on the center (if you plan to hang your strawberry ) or just pull the yarn through the middle after sewing to create a stem. :) i didn't try it myself, so let me know if it works ;)

life size strawberries

3.00mm hook for the strawberry
2.00mm hook for leaves
tapestry needle
green and red scrap yarns

erms and abbreviations:
scT : scs worked on the same stitch)
scD : decrease
* * : repeat

using red yarn
2)*2sct, sc next 2 sc* ( 9 st)
3)*2sct, sc next 3 sc* (12 st)
4) sc around ( 12 st)
5) *2sct, 3 sc* ( 15 st)
6) sc around
7) *2sct, 4 sc* (18 st)
8) *2sct, 2 sc* ( 24 st)
9) sc around
10) *scD, 6 sc* (21 st)
11) sc
12) *scD, 1 sc* (14 st)
13) scD around
sew hole closed

leaves and stem
1) 5 sc
2) 2 scT each sc ( 10 st)
3) in one sc make *slip stitch , 1hdc, Dc, picot* and on the next sc : *Dc, hdc, slip stitch* repeat it for the next 4 pairs of sc
f.O, leave yarn to sew
while sewing, pull the yarn through the middle of the leaves, make a loop to create a little handle. hold it and continue sewing . you can finish the handle with buttonhole stitch, so it looks cuter and more durable.
or you can make a simple stem, just by pulling the yarn through the middle of the leaves after sewing them to the strawberry

phew! it was much more complicated to write the instructions for the stem in english than to make a basket of strawberries! hope it's clear, if not , feel free to email me

And now, the links for the strawberries i found

strawberries with chocolate! at Naida's crochet

a knitted strawberry at pezdiva's flickr page

felt strawberries at mr. monkeysuit ( there's also a tutorial for green peas)

edit 14/09 adding 2 links (just because I think a lil' basket full of strawberries crocheted from different patterns will look really cool):

a japanese pattern at here's the direct link for pdf

easy peasy strawberries by Melissa Mall ( via ravelry)

edit 4/1/10
found another cute felt stawbery and just had to share: from " Shishigirl

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Sandy 4 de novembro de 2008 12:37  

Hi! those strawberries looks great!! and those links are goods too, Greetings!!!

Howard Huang 15 de abril de 2009 22:47  

This should be perfect, I can't wait to try it out. Well written article! You should post it on They have a bunch of similar articles and you can link it back to your website. I have one posted on it and it is awesome because they give you some graphs to put on your page to track how many people read your article and it tells you how useful they thought it was. I think a lot of people could use to read your stuff and I think this will help get your articles out there more!

simplypeaceable 8 de fevereiro de 2010 17:14  

I tried, I lost count, so I went ahead and modified. I'm also doing more without the counting. ;p

Lara 8 de fevereiro de 2010 17:45  

your strawberry turned out great! i think they look nicer together when in different sizes :D

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