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Holy tee, Batman!

My son is a huge Robin fan- that's right, not Batman, or Batman and Robin. Just Robin - because of the Teen Titans cartoon.

After his Teen Titans themed party (home made of course, you wont find supplies for sale, believe me, I've tried) there was carnival! He already had a robin costume but it's not THE uniform Robin wears with the Teen Titans, and it's long sleeved, synthetic fabric, imagine that in an afternoon at Rio's summer... impossible, maybe even dangerous :/
So I've bought 2 t-shirts, and improvised a Robin tee that was a hit, and also considerably fresher than the costume and - my lil' one's favorite part: it can be wore as a regular tee! And he does.

I took some pictures when i was putting it together to flood the inbox share w/ a friend and now I am sharing them as a How To (sort of) with a template for other Dick Grayson's* enthusiasts out there :)

You will need 2 t-shirts of the same size: a plain red t-shirt and a green one ( or sleeves from a green t-shirt)
Black fabric scrap ( I've used an old tee)
Yellow felt (or fabric scraps and light fusible web)
Yellow and black thread for stitching the badge
Green or red thread for the sleeves
Seam ripper
Robin's symbol template (download or print from here)


Using the seam ripper take out the sleeves of both t-shirts- it's important that you make sure you're ripping only the sewn thread, and not the fabric- it will be easier to make the transplant later if the sleeves are intact.

pin the green sleeves to the red t-shirt, right sides facing (align the side seam of the t-shirt to the "arm pit"seam of the sleeve) and hand sew them together.

( this is the t-shirt wrong side out, w/ one sleeve sewn and the other one pinned)

Now for the fun part: Robinize your tee!

Cut the template and place over the felt ( trick: use adhesive tape to secure the template over the felt pieces and make it easier to cut).

Fold the tee in half. length wise and mark the middle.

Sew or iron on the black circle and the R on the upper left side of the t-shirt (use the pics as reference)
Sew the R with matching thread or iron on the and top stitch to secure (yes, you should sew it even if using fusible web, the adhesive eventually will wear out and you will need to sew it back in place)
Pin and sew the yellow strips ( what are they? buttons? i have no idea) 1 inch apart from each other (for a 6-8 yo sized t-shirt).


*nerd alert: no one's really sure if this Robin IS Dick Grayson, but i suspect so ;)

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