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first free pattern!

mr/ms. Chubby Bunny

this pattern was originally done with a 1,75-mm hook, but any other hook size will work
the finished size with a 1.75 hook is 3 in.
i didn't use pellets, but it might be useful in bigger bunnies.
You'll need 2 yarn colors: one for head and members ("A") and a second for the body ("B"). If you decide to use only one color, just ignore the instructions for changing colors.

abbreviations and terms used:

* *_ repeat
scT_ increase
sdD_ decrease

start to work each piece using the "magic circle" or: 2 chains, 6 sc second chain from hook.
work in spirals

have fun!

Ears (x2) "A"
1) 6 sc
2)*2 scT,sc next sc* (9sc)
3-5) sc along
6) scD, sc next 7 sc (8sc)
7) scD, sc next 6 sc (7sc)
8) scD, sc next 5 sc (6 sc)
don't stuff, finish off, leaving yarn to sew

Arms (x2) "A"
1) 6 sc
2) *2 scT, sc next 2 sc * (8sc)
3-5) sc along (8sc)
no need to stuff, F.O, leave yarn to sew

Feet ( x2) "A"
leave yarn in the beginning, to stuff the feet
1) 6sc
2) 2 scT each sc ( 12 sc)
3) *2 scT, sc next 3 sc* (15 sc)
4) scD along
stuff with the yarn from the magic circle. F.O,
leaving yarn to sew

Head/ body ( start with "A")
1) 6 sc
2) 2 scT each sc (12 sc)
3) * 2scT, sc next sc* (18 sc)
4) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* (24 sc)
5) *2scT, sc next 3 sc* (30 sc)
6) *2 scT, sc next 4 sc* (36 sc)
7-10) sc along
11)* scD, sc next 4 sc* (30 sc)
12) *scD, sc next 3 sc (24 sc) - stuff
13) *scD, sc next 2 sc* (18 sc)
14) *scD, sc next sc* (12)
--change color , without cutting "A" yarn
15) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* (16 sc)
16) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* repeat 5 times, 1 sc last sc -- add more stuffing to the head if necessary
17-21) sc along (21sc)
22) 1 sc next sc, on second sc of this round : (tail) using "A"yarn, in front loop make 3 double crochets closed tog, go back to "B" yarn, sc along.
23) back loops only, *scD, sc next sc* -- stuff body
24) scD until close

this is a free pattern, please don't use it for commercial purposes


um blog!
por aqui pretendo dividir algumas de minhas 'receitas' de amigurumi , minhas criaturas mais recentes ... e oque mais for possível, assim que eu realmente descobrir como isso funciona:)


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