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first free pattern!

mr/ms. Chubby Bunny

this pattern was originally done with a 1,75-mm hook, but any other hook size will work
the finished size with a 1.75 hook is 3 in.
i didn't use pellets, but it might be useful in bigger bunnies.
You'll need 2 yarn colors: one for head and members ("A") and a second for the body ("B"). If you decide to use only one color, just ignore the instructions for changing colors.

abbreviations and terms used:

* *_ repeat
scT_ increase
sdD_ decrease

start to work each piece using the "magic circle" or: 2 chains, 6 sc second chain from hook.
work in spirals

have fun!

Ears (x2) "A"
1) 6 sc
2)*2 scT,sc next sc* (9sc)
3-5) sc along
6) scD, sc next 7 sc (8sc)
7) scD, sc next 6 sc (7sc)
8) scD, sc next 5 sc (6 sc)
don't stuff, finish off, leaving yarn to sew

Arms (x2) "A"
1) 6 sc
2) *2 scT, sc next 2 sc * (8sc)
3-5) sc along (8sc)
no need to stuff, F.O, leave yarn to sew

Feet ( x2) "A"
leave yarn in the beginning, to stuff the feet
1) 6sc
2) 2 scT each sc ( 12 sc)
3) *2 scT, sc next 3 sc* (15 sc)
4) scD along
stuff with the yarn from the magic circle. F.O,
leaving yarn to sew

Head/ body ( start with "A")
1) 6 sc
2) 2 scT each sc (12 sc)
3) * 2scT, sc next sc* (18 sc)
4) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* (24 sc)
5) *2scT, sc next 3 sc* (30 sc)
6) *2 scT, sc next 4 sc* (36 sc)
7-10) sc along
11)* scD, sc next 4 sc* (30 sc)
12) *scD, sc next 3 sc (24 sc) - stuff
13) *scD, sc next 2 sc* (18 sc)
14) *scD, sc next sc* (12)
--change color , without cutting "A" yarn
15) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* (16 sc)
16) *2scT, sc next 2 sc* repeat 5 times, 1 sc last sc -- add more stuffing to the head if necessary
17-21) sc along (21sc)
22) 1 sc next sc, on second sc of this round : (tail) using "A"yarn, in front loop make 3 double crochets closed tog, go back to "B" yarn, sc along.
23) back loops only, *scD, sc next sc* -- stuff body
24) scD until close

this is a free pattern, please don't use it for commercial purposes

7 comentários:

Camila, A Arlequina 18 de agosto de 2008 06:33  

Gostei da receita,apesar de estar penando p/ traduzir os pontos!!!Amei mesmo!

Tilia 1 de junho de 2009 02:51  

Hi, I'm a beginner and I have some difficulties understanding your guidelines. Could you please help me?

2)*2 scT,sc next sc* (9sc)

What does this exactly mean? Of the second row I increase by going twice in the first stitch, then I do what... and how can I do that 9 times while the first row was only six? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but as I said, I'm new at this.

Thank you for your help.

Lara 1 de junho de 2009 04:36  

Hi Tilia,
you make one increase ( 2sc on the same stitch) then one sc on the next sc -you will increase every other stitch, and have 18 stitches done by the end of the round.

on the following rounds you'll have the increases and one sc each next 2 stitches.( then increase and 1 sc each next 3 stitches and so on) always increasing 6 stitches per round.

Not a stupid question at all!:) it's sometimes difficult to follow patterns , for each designer has a way of writing the instructions.

if you have any other questions feel free to post here or send me email

have fun! :)

Tilia 1 de junho de 2009 08:18  

Thank you! I managed to do the ears and arm, now I'm stuck at the feet. You say:

4) scD along

Does this mean decreasing one sc per row? If so when do you stop?

Lara 1 de junho de 2009 10:31  

:)Glad to know you managed to make the ears and arms

you have 15 stitches on round 3, on round 4 you decrease til you have 7 stitches - plus one sc - you can either make a regular sc, or a slip stitch to finish off-

Roxanne 28 de janeiro de 2012 13:33  

Hi Lara,

Thank you for sharing this pattern! I've started making this for a friend of mine. I just had two questions about the last steps of the head/body part.

1) How many stitches do you have at the end of the row at step (22)? (Is it 20 sc?)

2) At step (24), do you also work in the back loops only or not? How many stitches do you end up with before closing up the hole?

Thank you for your help!


Lara 29 de janeiro de 2012 09:39  

Hi Roxanne,
at row 22, the "3 double crochets closed tog" counts as one stitch, so you should have the same numbers of stitches as on row 21.

row 23 you make one sc and sc two togueter on the next 2 scts , repeat it through the row and you'll end up w 14 stitches

and on row 24, work on both loops, you;ll be decreasing until you have 7 stitches only - stitch the "hole"closed and your bunny's body is finished :)

let me know if you have any other questions

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